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Obxserver.com offers you experienced and effective pay-per-click management services. With it, you can quickly and easily get more customers and more website visitors.

We help you get more audience with our unique service in this niche; levelling up like being on Bing Ad or Google Ad.

When we handle your PPC, you don’t just get a single-phased job, we continue to check the results, and outcomes… put in more efforts in advertising and changing the words/trends so as to bring your brand out.

What are the turnouts of your Ad Word campaigns? You getting maximum? Bet not!

We offer the most experienced and trusted PPC consulting and campaign management, so your brand can be offered to interested customers the moment they start searching for the products and services you offer.

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Put yourself on the screen of those that are searching for your sort of brand… and fast! No bargains, you need publicity, widely… we got you!

An AdWords campaign can be an effective marketing tool. With our experience and expertise at obxserver.com, we can help to optimize your digital marketing investments, even on tight budget.

What do we do at obxserver.com to grow your business using ppc? Want to get an insight?

We go into ppc keyword research

We find and utilize the keywords that brews the most leads and produces the best return on investment (ROI). We scourge your industry including your target customers’ wants and needs to effectively determine the most alluring words for your campaign.

Optimization of PPC

Our professionals are trained and experienced in what it takes to blow such processes. We will continually optimize your landing pages, the text of your ads, and track the performance to keep improving the quality of website traffic and increasing the number of new customers accordingly. You should remember that optimizing your cost-per-click and bid positioning, in view of the highest financial gains, requires a perpetual cycle of expert testing and, implementation in competition with other advertisers

Auditing PPC

Exploit new opportunities and reduce overspending by taking a closer view at your previous or current campaigns. Obxserver.com will regularly audit your campaign’s performance to be sure that every cent is doing its job.

PPC Ad Copy & Design

No one gives you a lot of time but you have to seize attention using AdWord copy, but you also have to think beyond the ad. Our writers and designers will help you create great Ad copy with optimized landing pages to increase visitors and conversions.

PPC Redirecting and Remarketing

A lot of people that visits your site for the first time aren’t going to buy at that very time. The option of redirecting and remarketing ads allows you to be in front of these already interested clients, continuously, all across the web and bring them back to your product or service that they showed interest in before. This helps you increase the ROI of your Ad spend.

Consulting for PPC and reporting

The manager in charge of your PPC will give you a detailed analysis and report on how your campaign is performing. This computation will cover elements such as the costs of individual keywords, rate of conversions, cost per acquisition, tracking the returns on investment, and a host of others.

Reasons why you may need an AdWord management company.

At some point, you’ll need web traffic and customers, when you can’t afford the spend of taking the time that an effective SEO campaign requires, PPC advertising would suffice for a solution. obxserver.com Google AdWords consultants can help you:

  • magnetize more prospects, proliferate your online sales, and get your product/services in front of more people more rapidly.
  • curb your current Ad campaign to reduce costs per click and increase “click-throughs”
  • Effectively target specific areas and locations and/or open your business up to a global market
  • Specify your ads directly to those needing it and would receive it, based on everything needed data, from demographics to the times of day that they’re most likely to be searching for your products and services.
  • regulate your Ad spend by off-setting the budgets and other limitations
  • Reach out to the mobile audience (mobile devices account for almost 53% of paid search clicks)
  • Get more calls (69% of searchers on a mobile device will call a business straight from the Google search results)

Mark this, as the most effective measure to get noticed amongst many. Several keyword terms for PPC and SEO are exceedingly competitive, and many companies have been working exclusively on their SEO for several years to secure the top spots for those keywords. However, using our AdWords PPC consultants you can still find your way ahead of those establishment and begin to reap your maximum profit.

How Does AdWords Management Services Work?

Many have the idea that throwing money at a range of related keywords would do the trick. But does it? When we work together, an account manager would be specially assigned to you who understands how to target specific ad groups and segment campaigns in ways that maximizes your cost/conversion ratio.

At obxserver.com, our PPC strategy starts with thorough audit of your current campaign(s) if any, and a detailed analysis of your website and industry.

We move to finding the right keyword phrases to start your new campaign. We carefully balance the extremely competitive terms with long-tail keywords that are not very expensive, but would still attract valuable customers who are looking for your offered solutions.

Seeing your Ad is seldom enough. Your potential customer will need a convincing reason to click on your ad to visit your site. Alluring ad copy and design will compel your prospect to click through to your site.

We can make designs and draft the ad text and optimized landing pages that will contribute to a giving you a higher score, more quality and give your potential customers that reason to choose you over your competitors. We always put in place our tools to monitor and give reports on how the campaign is flourishing.

PPC Management and pricing.

Because of the various steps and strategies that we’ve discuss, its east to understand that prices also vary according to what you want and can afford but we give you the best for your choice option.

Everything from the keyword volume to your monthly spend could change the pricing structure, so reach out to us now and we’ll be happy to allay your options.

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