I’ve emphasize this enough, whether you’re a salesperson or just a representative, the fact is that most salespersons trying to persuade other people to buy something is the major reason why they don’t want to buy from you. [bctt tweet=”No one wants to be pressured into buying something. People want to decide for themselves” username=”etukenbx”] whether they’ll buy or not.” 

Adding value mustn’t necessarily relate only to your niche of expertise. Little things matters a lot at a cause of sale. You could see from my previous post how drinking free “chilly-water” that doesn’t cost a dime, yet had caused me and my friend to almost empty our pockets in the “Good Samaritan’s” shop?

So, what stops you from following suit?

Now, sample this comic idea.

I like clearing off subtle points with as many illustration as possible, definitely, this might appear to be comical and somewhat unbelievable. But it’s a perfect fit for the insight I want to lay bare.

You see, finding customers for your business is like finding a guest or an unknown but expected visitor in an airport.

The problem is, you don’t know what he or she looks like.

In this case, let us supposed that his name is “Kenneth” So all you need do is to walk around asking those who have just alighted from the plane what their name is in other to help find the “Kenneth” whom you’re looking for.

This would of course seem a little off, like awkward but then, there’s nothing else you can do, you just have to find “Kenneth” and for that, everything goes for that “goal”, the end point, finding Ken!

Now, imagine you go to person standing in the airport asking if he’s “Kenneth” who’s going to visit you and your family. The person shakes his head and politely says, “No! I’m sorry, but that’s not me.” Do you try to persuade that person, then, to be the Kenneth you’re looking for? Of course not! (Quite a comical idea, don’t you think?)

What do you do then?

You thank the person for answering your question and go to the next person. The next person you ask seems rather annoyed by your question and angrily says, “No! Absolutely not! Leave me in peace!”

Do you try to persuade him to be the “Kenneth” you’re looking for? Again, of course NOT! You’d never dream of doing that.

Instead, you politely apologize to the rude person for annoying him, and you go on asking the people there in the airport.

And then suddenly one of the people there says, “Oh yes! That’s me! How good to finally meet you!” You’ve found your guest.

Basically your situation as a business owner is the same. Of course there are some outer differences, but literally there are many similarities between the situation in the airport and your business.

If you want to get as many high-quality customers as possible for your business, then do this: Don’t try to persuade people who won’t buy from you anyway. Instead, find the people who ARE interested in your offer. Or even better, let them find you. It IS possible.  This is good news – both for you and for your customers.


Because it takes a heavy burden off your shoulder. And your customers will love you for it.

***Remember, people love to buy, but they hate to being sold to. ***

So, what’s The Way Forward?

The way forward is by being able to identify the Three (3) Group Calibers of buyers. You see! There are three kinds of people (group calibers) which I’ve patented. The good thing is, it’s very (I mean “VERY”) easy to identify them. You don’t literally have to go about the stress of learning which categories they belong, so you could start milking sales, rather you quickly identify and classify them to where they belong as soon as you meet them.

This you may ask…

Who Are the Three Group of Calibers?

  • People who are very much interested in what you can offer them

  • People who “maybe” might consider your offer but doesn’t show interest.

  • People who never want or ever dream of buying your offer

The problem is that, every pitcher is defiantly hunting to sell for all of the above three group calibers with no exception. And that’s the more reason they keep hunting for new customers day after days, week after weeks, months after months and even year after years.

As a marketer or seller who’d been into a particular or varieties of niches for years, you don’t necessarily need to go out to find new customers, because by this time, you might have done your homework correctly by positioning yourself in the benchmark to serving your return customers.

That said, if you want to become a savvy salesperson, I’d advised you debunk the idea of chasing the second and third “group calibers”

Only find peoples that are in the first group if you want to upend your business in ratcheting it up to the greater height.

Desired Landing Is Based On Incisive Decisions

Why choose only “Group One Calibers?”

There are many reasons why you should primarily focus on the first group calibers and these reasons are so audible to the deaf and visible to the blind.

They are but not limited to:

  • You’ll not dread finding customers to your business
  • You won’t dread cool-pitching a potential customer before you’d make sales.
  • Your business would thrive tremendously.
  • You’ll have more time to focus on other essential part of your business.
  • The customer will be accessible making it easier to do business with.

Sincerely, the above-mentioned and a lot more are difference to be achieved once you follow this simple role by sticking to the first group calibers.

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