It’s surprising that most supposed salespersons hardly understand this all important subject despite spending as much of one-third of their business lives in it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re being pitched to buy a particular products/services and you realized it wasn’t genuine? How do you feel?

Or maybe you’d enrolled for an irresistible offers online by submitting your primary email address to a sales-page, which had guaranteed to deliver “heaven and earth” instantly to your inbox free of charge without asking for any payment whatsoever. And yet after some couple days, you started receiving frivolous spam mails from different angles as they’ve sold your email address to third-party companies?

Do you intend doing the same to someone else and get away with it?

If I’m right, you’ve probably been a victim to cool pitched plots to buy something that you later regret buying. Isn’t it?

***You’re not alone as this is not uncommon to everyone else****

It isn’t funny at all and myself, am totally against such abysmal tricks.

I’m totally against it not because they don’t usually offer what they’d promised, or available for queries, but their exerted persuasion which is imposed on customers to not make the right decisions before buying is what I loathe.

This act of pitching consequently lead to regrets in the part of the customers as to why they’d ever allowed someone to sell them what they really didn’t want to buy. However, it ruins the reputation of other great sellers in the “group one calibers” which which I’d talked about in my previous post.

To start with, let me briefly tell you something epic about my very own experience regarding this pitchy pitching pitch GAME” marketing of a sort which I’d encountered some few years back whilst touring.

Couple of months ago, I’d embarked to Lagos for 2 weeks’ vacation, with my partner/friend “John El’nino” who’s helping me to run this blog.

So, one weekend, we were set out to explore the beautiful sites of Lagos, get to feed the eyes and provide less comfort to our pockets; “Victoria Island and Lekki” in particular. So to get the best exploration, we decided to go shopping in their malls, local markets, boutiques, and go to pub afterwards so as to serve the satisfactory reasons for our touring.

Be that as it may, the tour was quite successful but to a degree, as I won’t fail to tell you our little experience especially at the local markets which was somewhat indifferent.

We’d actually wanted to buy for each of us a pair of T-shirts, which has the same made and the same color.

As we were exploring the market, we have had so many sellers pitching us to buying their services even when they knew they haven’t gotten what we were actually looking for, even when we shot their products a sterner look; even while they’d observe our grotesque expression towards their goods and services. They still weren’t willing to let us.

Some of them went extra miles and grab our hands attempting to draw us into their various shops and disregarding our effort to let go of their hands. This left me aghast as to what to say, and could see my colleague still struggling to resist their infuriating pitches.

Sincerely, we’d almost had a fight with those sellers before they could free of us to go our ways and it wasn’t without their insults since we seem to be somewhat adamant and not susceptible to their pitches.

My friend and I, had vouch never to buy from them even if they later brought the T-shirts we’d wanted to buy.

So to speak, as we were walking past the last pitchers shop, almost at the roads end in anticipation to crossing via the pedestrian bridge. My friend drew my attention to a shop which was right adjacent to us, giving a cursory look, we couldn’t tell tales whether it was a boutique or just a shop.

But staring much longer at the glass show-case which had their wears samples, we could tell it got superb stuffs we may want and hence we approached, hoping to get pitched as usual by the seller.

But he didn’t, instead he allowed us to look through the different stuffs he was selling and he responded promptly to our queries.

while we were there debating for another alternative brand of T-Shirts to buy since we couldn’t find the one we were actually looking for, a boy selling a very chilly bottle water approached us and asked us to pick one bottle each. Since we were soaked in a plethora of sweat owing to the fact that we’d been trekking around the hot sun of that midday. Wow! This is business at the speed of thought, I said.

Then my friend asked him how he manage to know of our thirst. “How did you know we are dehydrating”? He asked with a glad sort of smile. And at the same time, I reach out to my pocket to bring out money to pay—“Have me my change I said”. “No oh” he resisted.

Oga (parlance used in referring to a boss) gave me money and instructed I bring it for you guys he said. You mean the owner of this store over there bought us this chilly-water? John asked surprisingly.

To cut the long tale short, we walked straight to the man and thanked him for his hospitality…

“It’s not necessarily good I tried marketing my goods and disregarding your predicament which I think I can solve first. I’d noticed you guys were sweating profusely when you came in and your facial expression weren’t bright enough to begin with any sort of marketing. However, it’s better I sort that out first since I’m capable of doing so” — He responded.

And to be frank, we hadn’t left without purchasing from him even though he hadn’t had what we had actually wanted to buy.

Consequently, we spent more than what we’d budgeted in buying but with joy as we didn’t feel the breeze of any market pitch. Invariably, we were oblige to his hospitality towards our plight.

The moral of the story?

[bctt tweet=”“People love to buy, but hate to being sold to.” username=”etukenbx”]”  No one want to be pressured to buy something, people want to decide for themselves whether or not your products and services worth buying.

Your customer will go extra mile to buy anything from you even while on constraint provided you serve them right.

The fact that you try to convince a prospect by pitching is the more reason they don’t want to buy from you.

If you have ever tried to convince or pitch someone to buy your products/services, you’d know that this is the most difficult aspect of marketing

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments area.

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