The Creative means to finance your business

Some people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but worry too much on where or how to finance their dream business – that is, where they should go and look for it. If you’re one of them or even have engaged in business for years now, here are options for your finances.

In order to succeed as a business you need a definitive and solid understanding of your business’ finances. While many new small businesses are often times financed out of, you the owner’s pockets, most of the others need some extra funds from other sources in order to get off the ground. The truth is however, you need to be smart about your choices.

You need to be selective and pretty keen when it comes to finding finance for your business. A few wrong choices, and you’ll find yourself along with your business in a lot of trouble. There are several methods to finance your business especially for small businesses. Here are five places where you can find finances for your business:

  • One way to finance your business is through a business loan. Try researching the The Small Business Association for any loans available for what you are doing. They are one of the best sources of information for financing a business. Of all the sources of funding on this list, a loan will require to spend a lot of time and energy to do the legwork for it but it definitely will pay off in the long run. Make sure you have a well-written and clearly defined business plan in order to expect to be approved.

  • Have you thought about possibly utilizing your home’s equity? Obviously this only pertains to those of you who own a house but it is a viable option if you do. You basically use the equity of your home in order to finance your business and allows for a tax deduction on the interest paid. Many savvy business owners use the combination of this in order to get the business loans discussed earlier. The only downside is that the security of your home ownership is now tied into the business’s success. If the business fails, you can lose your home.

  • Another option often overlooked is the possibility of person to person lending. There are numerous personal investors out there looking to provide the appropriate funds in order to see a return on their investment. Some websites and businesses deal solely on brokering these types of deals. You can also approach friends and family members for money as well.

  • One of the hottest trends in business finance is the use of investment financing. This can found in the form of venture capital firms and business partners looking to make an investment with the hope of receiving a return on it down the road. The only problem is that finding an investment group can time consuming and the process is sometimes not that easy. You even run the risk of giving up a percentage of ownership to the investor.

  • The final option for you to choose from is the use of business credit cards. Many financial institutions will approve business with a credit card but it depends on a number of factors such as the amount of financing you need. I would only recommend this choice of financing is your business can afford to pay the high interest rates that come with these cards.

These are sources of financing your business. There may be other ideas out there, so it’s better to venture out and know some of them.

Here are other alternatives

Sell assets that are already idle.

These may be in the form of old machinery or equipment and it may also be other forms of property. They may be old and may have slowed down the operation of your business, but if they’re still useable, you might as well sell them.

Rent or Lease.

Rent out a particular room or area in your building. This is also a great way of financing your business.


These are actually people who just simply want to help you out. They are actually mysterious persons. Possibly they see something good in your business. Some people coined them as “Donors”.

Personal Savings.

You are most likely to use this as a source of your capital because this is the easiest way to finance your business.


If you want to track your finances as to where they come from or where they are being spent, check your cash flow statement. Using the Cash Flow Statement, you can budget your money as to what you should be spending. You can pretty much make an opinion or an evaluation over a certain operation – that is, whether your business gains or not.

Probable predictions of your company’s standing in the future can be made as well. Limitations of the Cash Flow Statement happens when, for an instance, you have generally less amount of cash on hand, yet are still earning a huge net income or vice versa. This could happen when there is more Accounts Receivable (or credit) than Cash.

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