As you sit down to read and ingest this, chances are pretty good that you’re one of these two types of entrepreneurs:

  • Tasmanian Devil

You’re the type of person who wakes up early and JUMPS out of bed. You can’t wait to get to work and you’re super motivated. You get lots of stuff done and have lots of energy. You go 1,000 miles per hour, all the time until you crash. Or maybe you don’t even crash some nights! You’re an energizing hub, baby!

  • Rastafarian

You need balance. Downtime. Maybe you’re a little bit chiller. You like to let things come to you, rather than chasing all the time. You like to go with the flow.

So yeah, chances are that one of these personality types fits you pretty good.

And as someone who’s been both now, I can tell you first-hand:

My mother HATES the first personality type.

I know this because I was the Tasmanian Devil for years.

I would bounce out of bed at 5:30 am and start yammering about a bike ride or breakfast or whatever we were going to do that day…

And my mum would look at me with so much disgust.

I can also tell you that even if you’re the Tasmanian Devil right now, it isn’t going to last, no matter how much Kale you eat or how many morning workouts you sustain.

Again, I speak from experience.

Eventually the beards goes white, and inevitably, you’ll start to chill out a little bit.

You lose a step. You start working less hours, and doing other stuff like complaining about those damn kids and their rock and roll music.

At that point, if you’re like me, you start looking for ways to AUTOMATE your business so you can keep things running smoothly while you’re taking mid-day naps or attending friends party, or do one of the other things young people like myself like to fill our days with.

I’ve been experimenting with this whole “automation thing” for quite a few years now, and I’ve found quite a few ways to automate various aspects of my business.

With no further ado, let me share with you the two tools that had suffice to automate almost 60% of my business.

Keep reading and I’ll share them with you!

FTTT: ( If This Then That.)

A couple years back, one of my tech friends turned me to a tool called “If This, Then That.”

IFTTT is cool. It does have a semi-big limitation though, that I’m going to tell you about here in just a minute…

Even still, IFTTT is worth mentioning and might just be the perfect place for you to start figuring out this whole “automation” thing…

Especially if you’re building a brand for yourself and you aren’t working with multiple clients or managing multiple WordPress blogs or Facebook accounts.

IFTTT is totally free and really easy to use.

You can check it out here

You can as well download it to your device in App store and Google Play store, respectively.

Basically, IFTTT lets you automate lots of different stuff by combining actions with triggers that are tied to accounts (channels) you already have.

Chances are that you have a Facebook account, so let’s just use Facebook as an example.

Using IFTTT, you can do the following:

  • Automatically wish people a happy birthday. On their birthday, of course.

  • Automatically post all of your Instagram photos to a Facebook album.

  • Automatically update your Twitter profile picture whenever you update your Facebook profile picture…

  • Automatically post any Facebook status to Google+…

  • Automatically republish Facebook page posts to a WordPress blog…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

IFTTT users have shared more than 27,000 recipes and you’re free to use any of them.

Here’s a collection of recipes to automate and streamline your Social Media:

Pretty sweet, right?

Here’s how to use IFTTT:

1. Head over to the IFTT website and create a free account. It shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.

2. Once you’ve created your account and logged in, click “channels” and you should see a screen that looks like this:

3. Add a couple channels. Start with the “Phone Call” channel (which activates your cell phone number as a channel) and maybe your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail Account.

4. Each time you activate a channel, IFTTT will suggest several recipes for different tools, accounts, and services that integrate with the channel you just activated.

For example, here’s the suggestions I got when I activated my Gmail channel:

5. Find and activate a few recipes that will make your life easier, and you’re done!

IFTTT does have one big drawback though:

They only allow you to add one of each account type.

So if you have multiple blogs, for example…

Or post to multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts (either for yourself, your products, or your businesses, or if you service clients)…

Well, you’re screwed, as far as IFTTT goes.

Unless you want to create a separate IFTTT account for each project or client. IFTTT keeps saying they’re going to add support for multiple instances of the same channel…

But they’ve been saying that for almost two years now, and it still isn’t happening.

This is where Zapier comes in.

2. Zapier:

Picking Up Where IFTTT Leaves Off

Zapier is allows you to do almost the same exact thing IFTTT does, only it allows and support for multiple accounts of the same channel.

This is a godsend for those of us who manage clients or have multiple projects that each have a website we want to automate in some way.

Learn more here

Zapier’s free account allows you to activate 5 “zaps” which are basically the same thing as IFTTT’s recipes… And let you run them 100 times per month.

On the other hand, IFTTT gives you unlimited recipes, and will run them an unlimited amount of times each month.

So IFTTT wins on that ground.

But Zapier’s pricing is really, really good.

Upgrading to the basic plan (just $10/month) gives you twenty zaps, and will run them 2,500 times per month!

More than enough for most of us.

And as I mentioned above, Zapier supports multiple instances of the same account.

If you work with clients or have several businesses, this is invaluable. With Zapier, you can automate the management of multiple blogs, multiple social accounts, multiple EVERYTHING!

If you just browse the huge list of services Zapier integrates with, you’re bound to come up with some great ideas.

I’ll give you an example:

I always used Feedly (and the Feedly app on my iPad) to pull in multiple RSS Feeds and streams so I could browse all my favorite websites in one location, rather than typing in multiple links and opening multiple windows.

But I started thinking, “I bet I can automate this with Zapier” and as simply as I said it, I did it.

Feedly lets me organize links by folder, so I created a folder for each of my products and clients. Now I can browse each of these little mini-webs and display articles, videos, blog posts, and other content that I might want to share with each of my different audiences.

But how do I post what I find automatically?

Well, Zapier integrates with Evernote. So as I find content I think might be perfect for one of my clients Blogs or Facebook pages, I can just mark it with an Evernote tag for that client.

Same with content I find that I think would work well for one of my products or side businesses.

Inside Zapier, I set up zaps for each of my clients blogs. So Zapier regularly checks Evernote for new content, and when it finds new stuff that I’ve tagged, it saves those entries to the blog as drafts.

This allows me to separate my browsing from my writing and content marketing tasks and saves me tons of time…

Then, I use Zapier to automatically post new blog posts to Twitter and Facebook!


Here’s how to use Zapier:

1. Create your free account by visiting

2. Click “Create A Zap” and select a “Trigger app” which is basically one of your services or accounts. For this example, I’ll select “Evernote” and have it triggered when a new note is added.

3. Select an “Action app” which is basically what you want to have happen when the first action is triggered. Again, for this example, I’m going to use WordPress, and have it create a new draft post.

4. Once you’ve selected the two apps you want to connect, you’ll need to link up both accounts. Zapier will ask you to choose your Evernote account, or add one by verifying your login information.

Same with the WordPress account.

As you can see, this is the power of Zapier and why it’s much better than IFTTT for those of us who manage multiple project websites or client accounts!

Take a look at the screen capture below for an idea of how many blogs I have linked in Zapier:

Here’s some of the “zaps” I use in my various businesses:

  •  Use Zapier to connect GoToWebinar to Unbounce, sending all new registrants to GoToWebinar’s registration list.
  • Connect Unbounce to AWeber for a pre-webinar email campaign as well as GoToWebinar to AWeber for post-webinar email campaign.
  • Connect Gmail to Dropbox and save all the incoming attachments entering your Gmail inbox to Dropbox.
  • Schedule recurring and reminder emails to yourself, to teammates, or to clients with the “Schedule an email” zap on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Use the Harvest to Dropbox Zap to automatically create a new Dropbox folder for each new client.
  • Setup a PayPal to Quickbooks Zap to automatically save all your PayPal transactions in Quickbooks, so you don’t have to!

Here’s some great case studies of Zapier in action, arranged by business type and industry:

Check it out here

If you want more, here’s a great concise eBook that shares 101 different ways you can use Zapier.

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