Allow me to relay to you just one out of many setbacks stories I’ve experienced as regard to pitching, pitchy, pitch Game.

I run a poultry farm offline and it’s one of my biggest local business with massive ROI.

I started breeding layers and broilers in separate coop but the same aviary.

From inception, I never thought of how difficult it’ll become for me to sell off the broilers chick not until when they were due. As you all know, broilers and rooster are due in just about two months and ready to be sold out. Any day beyond this, you begin to incur loss.

Right from when they were 3 weeks old, few of my contemporaries had told me to start looking out for the right potential customers since I was new to the system, in other to make sales easier for me when they are due.

Guess what! I resisted and snubbed their advice especially when I’d learnt that fowls were on demand, (being that the festive season was in hand).

Though this wasn’t the actual reason for my refusal. I bluffed their opinions because I thought I could always pitch anybody to buy anything I have handy. In fact, I was an expert in persuading customers to buy what I have to offer.

Also, I was predicated to be too good at pitching so much that prospect that knows what I’m capable of dodge me whenever I tend to come in contact with them, even when I’m selling nothing at the moment; because they assume I could persuade them to buy what they never intended to. Regardless.

Some even testify that I have got a reputation in hard selling, a few said they later regretted wasting their money on stuffs they’d bought from me, not necessarily that it wasn’t of good quality, but that it isn’t actually what they were looking to buy.

So their best decision was to malinger whenever they see me coming owing to suspicion of my mischievous sales I imposed on them.

But everything was quite different now with my poultry business. It certainly did not go as planned.

Be that as it may. The profound occurrence was just about the corner. It was two month already, and that wasn’t a problem as to how I’m going to get people to buy off the chicks.

So I set out one evening to meet some potential clients in their various business arenas, many a time they told me they’re going to show up my aviary soonest, but until they sold off their current stocks; as they’ve still got plenty of unsold chickens that will suffice their market for the next couple days.

Conversely, our acquiescent meeting scheduled was long past, days have gone past, weeks was still passing by and the birds were getting overdue and overfeeding more than their actual capacity.

Then, it occurs to me that I was into a profound mess and must acts quickly for if I should continue feeding those birds in the next coming weeks, definitely, I would be running a very big loss.

The birds now were two-month plus. Consequently, I have had to increase the selling price because the birds had consumed extra bags of feed and were slightly bigger than every other birds sold in town, too.

Although the primary reason regarding the price increased was to meet up with the extra expenses incurred. However, keeping the balance so as to escape loss at all cost.

But people weren’t willing to buy even when I again reduced the price back to normalcy, and disregarding the expenses incurred in those extra weeks.

They complained that the birds were losing weight; that once slaughtered, sliced and frozen, would not worth the price upon their selling. This left me devastated as almost all my prospect were giving me this same chorus response.

I later found it was a blatant lie though>>>

I was still pitching around but fiercely this time. Not until I stumble onto someone I’d like to categorize to be in the second group calibers…

Recall: 2nd group calibers are People who “maybe” might consider your offer but doesn’t show interest.

(I have clearly elaborated what the “group calibers” is on this post) go check it out.

I stumble into this “group calibers” of buyer, he seemed not to show interest, yet I was still persuading him at any means whatsoever. Having shot a cursory look at my aviary inhabitants. I could noticed his sneered countenance and some signs of indifferent.

All I was doing then was, to throw some pitchy words like I usually did.

He then shot me a stern looked and then immediately told me his bargain price, which was a shocking far cry from the actual price.

I couldn’t help vexing, but act as though nothing had happened and was hoping he oughtn’t notice the dissatisfaction from my countenance.

I finally sold 60% of the birds to him on his requested bargain quote as I hadn’t had any alternative at the time. (That’s what happen when you aren’t selling to the rightful customers).

Consequently, I was in dilemma as to whether or not I should continue running the poultry farm business.

What happen next?

After couple of days, I have got to meet with the rightful customer and could notice from inception that she belongs to the first calibers group.

Recall: “1st calibers group” are People who are very much interested in what you can offer them.

So, I took her to have a look at the selected few fowl that was left in the coop, as we got there, I allow her to study the fowls and as well lift them up so as to determine their weightiness if they were of her preferred capacity.

Behold, her utterances was as thus: “wow, this fowl weighs pretty great, I wish I could have more of this. I’m pretty sure they’ll cost much more than the usual”…

Long story short, I sold to her all the birds almost triple the amount I had sold the previous sets with no iota of pitching and persuasion.

And today, that lady have become one of my best returning customer.


Employ the new modern marketing

I’ve set aside three bands of sales marketing and this will give you the upshot that you’ve always, only dream about.

There aren’t rare and that’s why even with your knowing them, the discipline required to effecting them is almost more important than you knowing it.

you have to be really ready to let go of what you’ve always known, off course, it must have begun to falter and that’s why you needed a new idea of which am here to get blown!

 The three bands are as follows:

  • Customer’s treatment to self,
  • Self-treatment to customers and,
  • Allowing and enjoying the bond thereafter.

Am now going to be treating this individually, and yet concisely.

let’s take the first,

1. Customer’s treatment to self;

There’s a reason I chose to bond the bands in this way and that reason is so you can comprehend multiple points in one, better that way I think.

On this, firstly, you have to consider that your buyers, clients and prospects are humans just as you. You need to treat them firstly as such.

Your marketing or intended sales comes after this acknowledgment; and do not for one second think that the customers aren’t noticing the gestures, they are.

Know that everyone want to have a splendid experience and it should be so for you both. People are naturally more anxious when unsure so do well to take the risk out of the equation as much as you can.

Make them comfortable in the knowing that you understand them perfectly and you’re willing to help them get through with the best. It should be a win-win for you both parties.

Also bear in mind that, the prospect isn’t just there for him/herself. According to Harvard Business Reviews, one person has an average capacity of sharing their experience with about 250 persons on average.

This could pan out very good for you or extremely bad; depending on your interface with the buyer. He can lead you 250 more sales with the testimonies or that lead away 250 potentials with bad commendations. Be sure to take this into cognizance, you could win more by winning one.

Lastly in this first band, remember that sowing comes before reaping and the good thing about sowing and reaping is that you can sow less and reap more if you had good seeds, nurtured it through the planting season up until the harvesting and BE THERE FOR THE HARVEST! Such is same for your buyers, you need to sow in good reputation, show care, guidance and all courtesy; when ripe, and you’ll reap more!

2. Self-treatment to customers;

The second band. This is more about how you make your clients to see you. Your prospects. What you do to draw them, attract them and keep yourself as the constant and first in mind when they want to buy. This is what you’ll consider to be near pitching but it actually is not. More civilized, tamed and presented.

Try to keep your name in front of your buyers and clients as regularly as you can, nothing reminds them more effectively.

In your mails, festivity messages and even in the events of their birthdays or a new month. I know, to many, it is a big task and am confirming it is but it’s necessary.

Like I do send, not selling any ideas or products, just

Example text

“We at “OBX’Server Emporium” do greatly appreciate you for being with us and patronizing our services all the while that you have and on this occasion, we also wish to celebrate with you and wishing you a happy birthday. It’s truly been nice having you and I pray many more years for thee…

 John, for CEO, OBX’Server at the end”.

These gesture cannot be overstated.

Don’t forget that the physical contact provides more trust for you on the side of your clients because of your countenance. Be free, be friendly, accommodating. Get them to know you well, like you and trust you. This is very essential.

3. Allowing Ann Enjoying The Bond Thereafter;

This comes as a benefit of the success of the earlier two mentioned. You can only get here if you consciously and effectively executed the ones before. This also helps in its own way in cementing friendship and trust.

You should allow your clients to sample your product or a demo of your services if you can provide it. Don’t make it look as if it’s all about the pay, but value.

Let them feel that the need for them to be satisfied is also a priority to you. By their comments, you will also be able to evaluate your product and services available, know which one to drop and which to enhance. Follow them closely because what you want is to know what exactly would satisfy them and then get them exactly THAT!

To conclude with. There’s no success without effort but only if the effort is directed rightly. Do well to direct yours!

Please, let me know your thoughts regarding this post in the comment area.

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